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We are in a position to supply the entire range of legal services across the whole transport sector i.e. aviation, rail, road,shipping and marine transport etc.

Our work covers flotation, and capital markets activity, as well as regulatory, environmental, planning, infrastructure, and vessel acquisition.


We can:

  • Advise you on all the options available to you, including the ones that are not immediately obvious-and create new structures or approaches

  • Negotiate capital-raising transactions for you

  • Advise you on the purchase, financing and leasing of aircraft and ship safeguarding you from unacceptable obligations and liabilities.

Our services

  • In the aviation sector we are among the leading legal practices for aviation regulatory work.

  • Our maritime practice combines the expertise of our lawyers in asset and lease financing, tax, competition and regulatory, construction and real estate matters. Over 65% of our lawyers are specialist shipping lawyers, with varied experience in shipping dispute resolution and regulatory expertise

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