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The firm was established in 1997 as Benjamin Atebe and Associates and later had its name changed to its present name. The firm is made up of highly proficient, seasoned and experienced solicitors.

The firm in the course of time has been opportuned to act and represent clients in several industries. We specialize in Corporate Finance, Financial Institution, Energy and Infrastructure, Transport, and Technology, and we operate in all civil law jurisdictions in Nigeria.

We have been active throughout Nigeria as legal advisers in transaction, ongoing commercial operations and litigation in superior court for the past decade. Our business law service helps our clients to build their business within and outside Nigeria.

We bring expertise, experience and quality to the table. We are very much a 'can-do' organisation and with the unique ability and technique to support our clients by providing a complete range of support services necessary to bring deals, issues, and transactions to a successful conclusion.

We have a depth of experience working with companies, institutions and individuals with interests in a wide range of industries.

We can assemble a multi-disciplinary team of experienced legal professionals to manage any challenge you, your business or your organization may be facing.

We believe it is only by getting to know us as a firm and as professionals that you will understand the commitment that we have in providing you with the best legal minds for each and every engagement. We invite you to find out more about us and approach to the work that our clients instruct us on: Commercial, Pragmatic and Innovative.


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