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Corporate Finance

We have experienced Corporate Finance lawyers in our establishment, with a core team which has firsthand experience of transactions in the Nigerian Economy.

We work on large and complex transactions for clients across all the states in Nigeria and the West African sub-region. Over the last decade we have featured prominently in mergers and acquisition and involved in Initial Public Offers (IPO’s) in Nigeria especially during the consolidation period of banks.


We can:

  • Work closely with other lawyers and professionals both in Nigeria and in different jurisdictions especially within the West Africa sub-region to review local laws and thus guarantee you appropriate public disclosure in any key transaction.

  • Steer you through international complex business transactions.


Our services

  • Corporate Finance is one of our key strengths.

  • Our practice covers mergers and acquisitions, strategic joint venture and partnering arrangement, equity capital markets, private equity, financial services, insurance, investment funds etc.

  • We specialize in top level transactional work for local and global client in the corporate and financial institution sectors.

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