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Banking and Insurance

Our clients are among the leading Financial Institutions in Nigeria.

They regularly conduct high value transactions that require layers of financing and loan structures. Their business transcend borders and jurisdictions and its success largely depend on legal advisers who understand the nature of their operation.

We are a core player in the Nigeria banking and finance sector and our reputation is well known. We work for providers, arrangers and consumers of finance across all industry sectors.

We can:

  • Negotiate banking and hedging facilities, disposals, bond restructuring, debt and project financing, schemes of arrangement and capital raising transaction for you.

  • Conduct extensive due diligence for you in any part of the country in Nigeria

  • Prepare and perfect all forms of security and financial documentation including consortium and individual loan agreement, mortgages, bills of sale, guarantees, debenture, debenture trust deeds, chattel mortgages, equipment leases, debt rescheduling documentation and dept recovery.

Our services

  • All our legal staff have expert knowledge of the financial institutions sector. That is one reason why a lot of our businesses comes from this sector.

  • We cover asset financial, banking, corporate financial, dispute resolution, financial services, securities, investment funds, insurance and project finance.

  • In the Insurance World, we negotiate claims and secure indemnities for corporate Insurance Companies and Individuals alike, marine claims, money - back guarantees etc; bearing in mind the need to structure low risk claims as well as negotiating prompt premium payments.

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